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Front Family Room

This room is designed for larger families and extra visitors. It is where we celebrate birthdays and other traditional holidays.

Back Family Room

This room is designed with a teenager in mind. It includes a larger seating area and age appropriate board games and video games. Our teens love hanging out with non-custodial parents in this space

School Aged Room

Our school aged children, and sometimes even preschoolers (or a combination of both), enjoy this well designed area. There is space for rough-housing, slime making, board game and video game playing.

Pre-School Room

Our Pre-Schoolers love to explore and pretend in the dramatic play center and plays with the age appropriate puzzles and toys. Often times parents bring in their own toys and activities and as long as they are age appropriate, they are welcome to.

Small Family Room

Our smaller family room is designed for mixed age children, but is still cozy and family room oriented. This room is perfect to relax with your child and watch any age appropriate movie imaginable. (Movie requests welcome!)

Infant and Toddler Room

Our Infant and Toddler room is designed with your infant in mind. If your child is in the oral fixation stage, this area is specifically geared towards them. With activities including fine and gross motor skill development, your child is sure to enjoy this environment with the non-custodial parent.

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