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What are Supervised Child Visits? Or, the more common term, Monitoring?
Child Visit Monitoring or Supervised Child Visitation is the contact between one or more children and a non-custodial parent in the presence of a neutral third party. The role of the monitor is to observe and record the events of the visit and to make sure the non-custodial parent follows the guidelines which ensure a safe and comfortable visit for the child.
Be informed!!
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*San Bernardino, Riverside, LA and Orange County Superior Courts--we are on the list!

*20+ years working with families, including San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools, various School Districts, and owning her own daycare facility
*Department of Justice Background Checked / Fingerprint Cleared
*Trustline Cleared
* Pediatric First Aide/ CPR Certified
*Child Development Associate Teacher Permit


Get to know the team!

All of our monitors have been fingerprinted and cleared through the Department of Justice.

They have also been trained in identifying all forms of child abuse and have obtained CPR and First Aid certification.

Ms. Debbie

Professional Provider

Debbie earned her Masters Degree in Social Welfare and has continued her education at CSUSB through the 90's and 2000's. With 30 years of experience in social work with families and young children specializing in foster care and group home, she is passionate about the advocation and importance of family for young children.

Ms. Liz

Professional Provider

Liz, a mother of four, speaks fluent Spanish to provide bilingual services that are both comfortable and professional. Offering on-site and off-site visitation, Liz travels throughout Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Mr. Cruz

Professional Provider

Mr. Cruz has 30 years of experience in law enforcement. The last 10 years of his career he was a family law bailiff which gained him valuable experience dealing with stressful situations and difficult people. He does on-site and off site visits.

Ms. Alma

Professional Provider

Ms. Alma has a BA in criminal justice and is trilingual, she speaks fluent Spanish (as it is her first language) and ASL. She provides onsite and offsite visits. She works with children with special needs full time and enjoys helping to reunite families while advocating and protecting children.

Ms. Mena

Professional Provider

Ms. Mena has a degree in Sociology and 17 years experience working with children. She specializes in working with children with special needs and troubled teens. She now works with our facility full time and enjoys reunifying families. She offers onsite and offsite services. Her love for children is unmeasurable and she brings laughter when she walks into a room.

Ms. Rachel

Professional Provider

In addition to having an Associate's Degree, Ms. Rachael has 15 years of experience of helping manage challenging family dynamics. She enjoys the opportunity that this service provides her in assisting with the unification process and advocate for all children. Ms. Rachel travels and works in the San Bernardino and LA counties.

Ms. Rosie C.

Professional Provider

Ms. Rosie C. is a Paralegal for Family Law and Personal Injury for almost three decades. She has been a child monitor since 2014 and has been successful for this long because the children have remained her priority. She ensures that they feel safe while in her custody and that they know she cares for their well-being and happiness.

Ms. MiMi

Professional Provider

Ms. MiMi has a degree in Psychology. She loves children and connects well with all ages. Her patience and caring personality provides a nurturing environment. She enjoys bringing families together and providing a safe space for children. She offers on site and off-site services including availability in LA and Orange County.

Mr. Lenny

Professional Provider

Mr. Lenny started his career in 1990 working as a supervisor for inmates housed in mental wards. In 1999 Mr. Lenny accepted a position as a San Bernardino County Sheriff where his main responsibility was the supervision of high profile inmates. His 30 years experience as a supervisor of all types of individuals makes him a terrific and observant monitor, who applies his real work experience to ensure visits are done in a caring and professional manner, with focus on appropriate child and parent relationships and interactions.


Here at Reunited, we value safety, age-appropriate activities, and good quality visits every time. When planning a visit, be sure to:

-Be intentional with your time! With limited visits, be sure to think about whether you'd like to color with your child, help them with homework, have a heart-to-heart with them, or even run around a playground; whatever it is, meet them with purpose.

-Always consider safety first; what location is best for your activity? If your children have blended ages, will that place or activity serve them all? 

 -Brainstorm activities. With experience in child development, we can help choose age-appropriate ways to engage with your child and make the most of your time together. Let's make it enjoyable and comfortable!


Call for fee schedule.

The following services are our primary services. If you have a case that calls for anything other than what we offer, please do not hesitate to request your specific type of service.

down syndrome.jpg

Supervised Visitation

Providing monitoring for off-site and on-site visits

child exchange.jpg

Monitored Exchange

Ensuring a safe transfer for all parties involved


Monitored Phone/Skype

Monitoring calls via Skype or speakerphone

About Me:

I am a proud mother of 5 and a grandmother of 4 beautiful Grand daughters and a Handsome Grand son. I have worked with families and young children for 20+ years. My education focuses on Child Development. When my children were young, I owned and operated 2 child care facilities.
Being an advocate for children is a passion that I was born with. It gives me great satisfaction to be the voice for children, all too often they go unheard.
I look forward to working with you and your children. Providing a safe and enjoyable visit with the absent parent is my #1 goal.


Service Hours:

Off-Site Visits

As Arranged

Office Hours and On-Site Visits

By appointment within the following hours:

Monday - Friday: 9am - 9pm

​​Saturday: 8am - 9pm

​Sunday: 10am - 8pm


We also serve the Inland Empire!



Chino Hills



Grand Terrace


Loma Linda



Rancho Cucamonga




San Bernardino



Home: Contact


The first step is to make an Intake Appointment. You would need to fax over the following documents prior to your appointment: A copy of your government issued identification (drivers license, passport, or Ca ID card), Court Order, and any other pertinent information (TRO, RO, etc).






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